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Hi I'm Katherine

I'm here to guide you home to authenticity, inner harmony, & your innate wisdom.
Empowering you to navigate your journey with fluidity, resilience, & trust.
So that you can thrive in life, love & leadership.

Together we will dive deep into the mysteries, learn to embrace the unknown, and walk the pathless path.


We will rediscover and awaken your divine feminine essence, and embody the way of water - your gateway to infinite possibilities.

It is through being like water... formless, flowing, adaptive, and resilient, that you can align with your highest path and truly thrive in life, in love, and in leadership.

I will guide you to...

Cultivate Deep Self-Love & Self-Worth

Discover Inner Peace, Harmony & Wisdom

Embody Your Divine Feminine Essence

Thrive in Life, Love & Leadership

Meet Katherine

Feminine Embodiment ∞ Self-Love ∞ Sacred Union

I am a passionate and devoted Coach, Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Facilitator and Energy Worker. My mission is to guide you home, to connect with your authentic self, embody the way of water and the Divine Feminine, and ultimately live a life grounded in truth and love, aligned with your heart's and soul's deepest desires.


With a compassionate and non-judgmental approach, I will guide you through transformative coaching, powerful hypnotherapy, and ancient wisdom to awaken your inner wisdom, heal past wounds, and step into your authentic power.


Through our journey together, you will release self-doubt, overcome limiting beliefs, and transform self-sabotaging patterns. You will cultivate deep self-trust and deepen into the art of surrender. You will find balance and harmonious union between your inner masculine and feminine.


And above all else, you will form a deep and unwavering connection with your own personal truth and internal guidance system, so that you can live a life aligned with your highest path, filled with a level of love, joy, and abundance that you couldn't possibly imagine with your mind alone.


Join me on this transformational path to embody your true essence and create a life you can't help but fall in love with.

"In the rising of the feminine, lies the healing of the world"
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The Way of Water

Your gateway to infinite possibilities

In my practice, I deeply engage with the transformative power of the way of water, a guiding philosophy that mirrors life's fluidity and adaptability. I believe that, like water, we possess innate resilience and the capacity to navigate life's ebbs and flows gracefully. This approach allows us to embrace change, find strength in flexibility, and discover the beauty of flowing through life's challenges rather than resisting them.


The way of water is foundational to my work because it embodies the essence of the divine feminine, reflecting qualities such as intuition, emotional depth, and interconnectedness. By working with this philosophy, I aim to help you tap into your inner wisdom, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and your journey. Together we create a space where you can embody fluidity, trust your intuition, and embrace your emotions as valuable sources of insight and growth.


Through the way of water, I empower you to cultivate a mindset that honors your unique journey—a path that's adaptable, formless, and deeply connected to your authenticity. It's about learning to embrace the unknown, to dive into life's mysteries, and to walk a path of self-discovery where you can find alignment, balance, and a sense of purpose. This philosophy serves as a compass, guiding you toward inner harmony, resilience, and the infinite possibilities that await you when you walk the way of water, the path of truth and love.

"Thank you. You've helped me believe in myself. Your support is so so so unique and goes deeper than anything I have experienced before. Your kindness and understanding, and how you showed up for me was what I needed to help me remove shame and guilt. Your positivity and encouragement have allowed me to look to a future I didn't think possible."

- Sara, UK

"I have no hesitation in recommending Katherine. I found her a Godsend when things were out of kilter to the extent I was overcome by hopelessness. She gently and expertly helped me sort through these thoughts and helped me gain perspective and positivity. Katherine is respectful and patient. She allowed me to initiate the conversation and never pressed me to discuss matters I was not ready to share. You won't be disappointed if you turn to Katherine for help."

- Anne, AU

"I did a breath work session with Katherine and the results were amazing. I have done lots of breath work with Wim Hof and other things before so I honestly didn't know if it would help, but I trusted the process and the result was a huge energy shift that left me feeling happier, lighter and so grateful to be alive. I am so grateful to Katherine for helping and supporting me through it all."

- Harriet, AU

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"The world needs the soft power of the feminine now more than ever."
~ Eckhart Tolle
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