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Spilling Sand
Your next level in life, love, and leadership is at your doorstep, it is just waiting for you to let it in


Your life is already pretty amazing, yet you sense there's something missing... you have a longing for more... a different way of being. 


Maybe you want deeper love, a more fulfilling business or career, or simply, a more abundant life for yourself overall. But...


  • Do you truly believe, in your heart of hearts, that you are worthy of all these things?

  • Do you love yourself deeply enough to stop the self-sabotage and allow these things into your life?

  • Do you trust yourself enough to move forward whole-heartedly in the direction of your desires?

  • Do you feel safe enough in your body and your mind to hold onto your desires?

  • Are you open and receptive enough to receive the abundance that is already available to you in all areas of life?

Through both my own journey, and my work with women, I have come to know that wanting, hoping and wishing for these things isn't enough. Desire will only get you so far. To stop the self-sabotaging behaviours and really thrive in life, love and business/career, you need to have a strong foundation in these 3 areas:

Bondi Beach 3.jpg
This foundation is important because...
  • Self-Love helps cultivate an increased sense of your innate worthiness.
  • Self-Worth helps cultivate TRUST within yourself, that allows you to make decisions confidently.
  • Self-trust helps cultivate an inner SAFETY net, that allows you to take risks and embrace change.
  • Inner safety helps cultivate the ability to truly embrace Feminine Energy and SURRENDER to the rhythm of life. It teaches you to release control and ultimately trust that the Universe is guiding you towards your highest good.
Trust, safety, and surrender are key to living a life aligned with your highest desires because they enable you to release resistance, overcome fear, let go of control and embrace the natural flow of life. They allow you to move confidently towards the life, love and business/career you desire with courage, faith and ease.

You already have a "great life" but you know there is a missing piece that you can't quite put your finger on. Maybe you...

feel stuck, unsure of your purpose, and struggle to find fulfillment and meaning in your daily activities...

compare yourself to others, leading to feelings of inadequacy and a sense of not measuring up...

say "yes" to things you don't want to, out of fear of disappointing or displeasing others...

engage in self-sabotaging behaviors, like food, alcohol, drugs, or procrastination...

feel lonely even when you know you are surrounded by people...

have always felt like an outsider, and like there's something different about you...

attract or remain with partners who are emotionally unavailable, manipulative, or abusive...

are in a loving relationship but often feel angry, resentful, frustrated or misunderstood...

struggle with being open-hearted and vulnerable, feeling like you go cold and put walls up...

experience feelings of insecurity and jealousy in relationships, doubting your partner's feelings for you...

feel trapped in an unfulfilling business or career but don't know what would actually make you happy...

struggle to negotiate for higher salaries or charge higher prices, feeling undeserving or fearful of rejection...
experience imposter syndrome, feeling like a fraud despite your accomplishments.

Despite all this, you KNOW there's another way to experience life.

You KNOW there is more love, joy and abundance possible for you.
You may not know exactly what it looks like, or how to get there, but you can FEEL it.

FLOW INTO LOVE is for the woman who is ready to rise in love, worth and embodiment of her divine feminine energy within. It is for the woman who desires a life where she is thriving in all areas. It is for the woman who is willing to do the inner work required to unpeel her layers, and reveal the authentic self that lies within.

Emma, AU

"Katherine is calm and measured. She has a way about her that gently steers and with tenderness she is able to help you to access feelings and emotions that are often buried deep. She dances the delicate balance of nurturing and assertiveness to help you realise the depths of your issues and gives strategies to overcome and rebalance. I particularly liked her approachability. She talks from experience not necessarily a text book. You will be thoroughly impressed with your time spent with Katherine. Many thanks Katherine."

Anna, AU

"Katherine was the first person who I could talk to about my "little secret". She met me with understanding and empathy. With Katherine, we eliminated shame around the bulimia, we worked to discover my triggers and past trauma that contributed to developing bulimia. She taught me amazing tools to deal with urges, which definitely made a difference - even during this short time, I saw improvements not only in my eating, but also in other areas of my life. Katherine is knowledgeable, understanding, never judging, very supportive and generous."

Anne, AU

"I have no hesitation in recommending Katherine. I found her a Godsend when things were out of kilter to the extent I was overcome by hopelessness. She gently and expertly helped me sort through these thoughts and helped me gain perspective and positivity. Katherine is respectful and patient. She allowed me to initiate the conversation and never pressed me to discuss matters I was not ready to share. She is very generous with her time and has always made herself available for ongoing chats and support. You won't be disappointed if you turn to Katherine for help."

"Self-love is the missing piece, this is the step you cannot miss”

I have helped my clients get results like:

  • Overcome bulimia, binge eating and other disordered eating, after even 50 years of struggle;

  • Regain their energy and return to work and socialising after chronic fatigue and MS;

  • Reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia by 80%;

  • Overcome and release past trauma;

  • Free stuck energy, resulting in a feeling of weightlessness and pure bliss;

  • Refresh the love and passion in their relationship;

  • Activate self-love and attract the love of their life;

  • Overcome fear and doubt and have the courage to drive again;

  • Relieve insomnia enabling them to be present and energetic with their children;

  • Develop the confidence to pursue business and career goals;

  • Finally write and publish their first book.


and much more...

Kom Ombo temple 2.jpg

This is for you if...

You desire to thrive more in life, love or business/career (or all 3!)

You are a self-saboteur and either consciously or unconsciously engage in self-destructive behaviours.

You have a knowing that there are parts of you that are unresolved, blocked and keeping you stuck and in self-sabotage

You are ready to get out of your own way and start embodying the version of you that already has the life you want

Bondi Beach 2.jpg

Why I am uniquely positioned to help you...

My success lies in the fact that I take my clients through only what I have taken myself through and KNOW works. There is nothing I guide you through that I haven't already experienced myself. I am an embodiment coach because I have truly embodied every aspect of my teachings.

The magic I bring comes from my unique blend of coaching, hypnotherapy, somatic release, energy healing and embodiment practices I take you through.
But most important of all, I encourage you to stand in your own sovereignty, I guide you to tap into your own innate wisdom, so that you can be guided by YOUR
truth, not mine, nor anybody else's, but yours.

Kate, AU

"Katherine has the most open, kind and effective approach to coaching/healing. I hadn't known of Katherine for very long before our session and she put me immediately at ease. In the 90 minute session she held the most divine and loving space for me to weave in and out of many thoughts and emotions around my issue but Katherine allowed time and space for them to formulate or bubble to the surface. It was such a rollercoaster as things that had been hidden for so long came to the forefront and yet by the end Katherine had me back centered in my body, calm and with resolution. I love that she has had trauma training. I highly recommend Katherine and will use her services in the future."

Katie, UK

"Working with Katherine has been such an amazing experience. I came to her for my issues around overeating & binge eating. The technique that she uses of Conscious Hypnosis is like nothing I've ever experienced before. It really gets into the subconscious & gets to the root of those limiting beliefs which is so powerful. After just two sessions with Katherine my habits around food & in particular binge eating have drastically changed for the better. I still have a little way to go so will be having more sessions with Katherine to work on this! I can highly recommend Katherine, she's amazing!"

Harriet, AU

"I was having difficulty with this anxious feeling in my body and it was getting more and more uncomfortable. I did a breath work session with Katherine and the results were amazing. I have done lots of breath work with Wim Hof and other things before so I honestly didn't know if it would help, but I trusted the process and the result was a huge energy shift that left me feeling happier, lighter and so grateful to be alive. The emotions that the session helped to release must have been there for many years, and it feels so good to not have to carry them anymore. I am so grateful to Katherine for helping and supporting me through it all."

"She is the wild, untamed force of creation. Her rising brings renewal, love, and transformation."

The Flow Into Love Experience

In this transformative 1:1 program, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Each week, we'll flow into love a little more, exploring different aspects of self-love, self-worth, and feminine embodiment, integrating various modalities and practices to help you build solid and unwavering trust and safety in yourself, so that you can surrender and ultimately flourish in life, love, and business/career. From finding clarity on your deepest desires and releasing limiting beliefs, to unravelling shame and ending self-sabotage, to finally embracing the divine feminine and practicing the Law of Attraction, this program offers a comprehensive and nurturing pathway to unleash your true potential and live a life aligned with your heart's desires. Through inner healing and integration, you'll develop a deeper connection with yourself, fostering self-love and creating lasting transformation.

The Program

The program is divided into 3 primary phases, using my signature I.C.E. Method™, and taking place over 4 months

Phase 1 - Intend: Clarity & Self-Discovery

In this first phase, you'll embark on a journey of self-exploration, gaining clarity on your limitless desires while addressing barriers that have held you back. Through self-discovery, you'll connect with your authentic self beyond societal expectations and establish a strong sense of purpose, guiding you towards a path of devotion. Cultivating body connection, wisdom and emotional awareness will empower you to navigate life with newfound clarity, confidence and self-trust.

Phase 2 - Clear: Healing & Transformation

This second phase is a powerful process of healing and transformation, where you'll identify and liberate yourself from limiting beliefs, stories, and self-destructive patterns that are holding you back from reaching your true potential. Strengthening your self-love throughout each phase, you will engage in energy work and breathwork to release stuck emotions, experiencing a newfound sense of lightness and liberation in your body and mind. Through shadow work and inner child healing, you'll shed light on the darkness within, paving the way for profound healing, personal growth, and transformation, all while nurturing a deeper connection with yourself and embracing the power of self-love along your journey

Phase 3 - Embody: Feminine Energy & Law of Attraction

In this final phase, you will integrate your inner masculine and feminine energies, connect with your core divine feminine energy, and radiate authenticity and confidence from within. As you progress, your self-trust and intuitive decision-making will strengthen, and you'll harness the power of desire to propel you forward, using pleasure and flow as your driving force. You will align with the Law of Attraction, surrender to your inner safety, and take inspired action, paving the way for a life filled with love, joy, and abundance.


  • Isis Ka Channel Activation Levels 1 & 2 (anchoring in Soul Identity & Soul Purpose)

  • Isis Ka Channel Activation Levels 7 & 8 (anchoring in Divine Love For Self & Being Divinely Loved).

  • Isis Ka Channel Activation Levels 9 & 10 (anchoring in Divine Power & Divine Surrender)

"Flow Into Love brings together the best of coaching, hypnotherapy, somatic release, energy healing and embodiment practices"

What's included

  • 3 sessions per month over 4 months:

    • 10 x private 1 hour sessions via Zoom (blending coaching / hypnotherapy / psychotherapy / energy healing / embodiment practices).

    • 2 x 1 hour breathwork sessions conducted via Zoom.

  • E-Learning to watch/read prior to sessions so we can focus on the most important things during our live sessions.

  • Meditations, journal prompts, exercises, and other activities to do at home in your own time to fully embody the transformation.

  • Unlimited support via WhatsApp during the length of the program.

  • Bonuses: Isis Ka Channel Activation Levels 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10 (anchoring in Soul Identity, Soul Purpose, Divine Love For Self, Being Divinely Loved, Divine Power & Divine Surrender).

Your Investment: AUD $3333 + GST

Isis Ka Activation.jpeg

What is an Isis Ka Channel Activation?

The Ka is considered the closest embodiment of the soul's light body. It represents the body of our soul, a unique and individual essence that exists within us. This ethereal form spans through dimensions, from 3D to 6D, serving as a conduit that allows us to anchor our higher self and soul into our physical realm.
Through the Ka, we establish a connection with the divine, embracing a higher level of consciousness and ascended existence. Activating and working with the Ka unlocks its potential, guiding us towards spiritual growth and alignment with our true purpose.​

Benefits you may experience as the receiver of an Isis Ka Channel Activation include:

  • Clarity on your soul purpose and soul mission work

  • Deepened soul alignment in your life and business

  • Open and activated heart chakra

  • Activating soul and psychic gifts

... and many more as further Ka channels are activated.

There are 16 Ka channels in total to be activated, I activate 6 of these channels as part of the program. If you would like further channels activated, please let me know and we can discuss this.

"Surrender into the flow of love within, embody your divine feminine essence, and allow life to unfold with grace and ease"

Sara, UK

"Thank you. You've helped me believe in myself. Your support is so so so unique and goes deeper than anything I have experienced before. Your kindness and understanding, and how you showed up for me was what I needed to help me remove shame and guilt. Your positivity and encouragement have allowed me to look to a future I didn't think possible."

Lily, CA

"Working with you was special. I found the process to be very non invasive and non judgemental. You mirrored my energy really well and that helped me feel comfortable right away. I walked away feeling a lot lighter. And I completely got the result I went in looking for. Which was to go to bed at 10:30. I have now consistently achieved this every night since our session. I've NEVER been able to do this as an adult until now. I feel refreshed and more present with my family during the day. I'm supporting myself in staying healthy. It feels amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Natalie, AU

"Katherine, thank you so much. You are a miracle worker, and this experience exceeded my expectations. I cannot thank you enough for your time, patience and investment into this transformation. I have recommended you to multiple people, and I really do believe this experience is life changing."

Why Flow Into Love gets such good results:

My Flow Into Love program continuously delivers remarkable results because it uses my signature I.C.E. Method™ which is aligned with the fundamental principles of personal transformation, and provides a holistic and comprehensive journey toward manifesting your desires.

This approach is split into 3 parts, because to truly become the version of you that has everything you want, you need to:
1) Set clear intentions, 2) Clear what's holding you back, 3) Embody the transformation.


Firstly, the Intend phase provides a sturdy foundation by encouraging you to set clear intentions and gain clarity on your deepest desires. This initial step acts as a guiding compass, ensuring that every subsequent action is purposeful and aligned with your authentic aspirations.


The Clear phase, the heart of the method, goes beyond surface-level changes. It delves deep into releasing any blockages, limiting beliefs, and negative patterns that hinder personal growth. By addressing these obstacles head-on, you will experience a liberating sense of lightness and empowerment, making space for positive transformation to unfold naturally.


The Embody phase is where the method truly shines. By embodying the version of yourself that already has your desired outcomes, you tap into the potent energy of alignment. This phase bridges the gap between aspirations and reality, facilitating lasting change that radiates authenticity and magnetizes your desired outcomes.


What else makes this program achieve such good results?

1. The high level of support

With 12 x 1:1 sessions you will receive personal support and guidance throughout your journey. During these sessions we will work on all aspects of you: MIND (through coaching and hypnotherapy), BODY (through breathwork and embodiment practices), SOUL (through energy healing and Ka activations).

2. The length of time

The program takes place over 4 months with a 1 week integration at the end of each month, unlike most 12 week programs that are complete within 3 months. This allows extra time for implementation and integration, so that you don't get overwhelmed with both the program content and the transformations you will be going through.

3. The adaptability

The program provides each person with a customized roadmap that respects your unique journey. Whether it's fostering self-love, nurturing relationships, or achieving professional goals, the program can be tailored to various life aspects, making it a versatile and impactful approach.

Why you need to be in this program

Working with me is a one-of-a-kind experience as I bring together a blend of various modalities that I've personally embodied and mastered. As a coach, healer, hypnotherapist, breath work facilitator, and more, I offer a level of support that is unmatched in our personalized 1:1 sessions. My vast knowledge and expertise allow me to provide comprehensive guidance, helping you to heal from the inside out.

You can't solve a problem from the same mind that created it, and you can't attract a different experience in your life without changing your energy first. I believe that true transformation begins by shifting your energy and clearing any hidden blocks.

Sometimes, it's challenging to see our own obstacles, which is where I come in. I can see the blocks that you can't see, the stories that you've been telling yourself your whole life, that you don't know are just stories, and the beliefs that are holding you back. I'll help you create the space within yourself, allowing life to flow through you effortlessly, and opening the door to a life of love, joy, and abundance.
Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey, unveiling the authentic, empowered divine feminine version of yourself, and creating a life that resonates deeply with your heart's and soul's desires.

Kom Ombo temple 6_edited.jpg


Who is this for?

Women who want to thrive in life, love or business/career (or all 3!). Women who know that there is a missing piece they can't put their finger on and are willing to do the work to clear their energy and have the life and love that they desire.

Who is this not for?

Women who aren't open or are resistant to receiving guidance and support. Women who are looking for someone to "fix" them.

Can I book a call with you?

Of course, click here to book a discovery call.

Do I need to be spiritual?

No, I bring spiritual practices into the program however everything is optional. All I ask is for you to keep an open heart and mind.

I have an eating disorder, will this help me?

Yes! If you have found me because you struggle with bulimia or binge eating, then this program will absolutely help you overcome that, but the best thing is that it will also do a whole lot more.

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