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Isis Ka™Activation Program

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Activate your soul with the Isis Ka Activation Method™


Hey beautiful soul!
The Isis Ka Activation Method™ will support you in activating deeper psychic senses, aligning you with your soul purpose and embodying your highest self.
In this program we go deep together to activate what has been dormant within you. It is an activation program designed to activate your Ka body.
Do you desire to:

  • Deepen your relationship to spirit & your intuitive and psychic senses?

  • Become the highest version of yourself?

  • Deepen your connection to your soul, and energy?

  • Activate dormant soul gifts to embody more of your unique magic?

  • Release what is holding you back from embodying your highest self?

  • Align with your soul purpose and embody the work you do here?

  • Step into your soul path and soul alignment?

Maybe you’ve been calling in your soul purpose for a while, maybe you’ve been practising energetic work but know there's another level, maybe you’re already successful in business.
But, you can feel there's more.
The next level of your life comes from you embodying MORE of your soul.
If you know you have a soul purpose here to live, and you’re ready to create a life that reflects your soul, you’re in the right place.
The Isis Ka Activation Method™ will activate you through the 16 levels of your Ka, working through things like your self-love, self-worth, psychic gifts, divine surrender, etc so you can embody a soul aligned life.
In this powerful 4 month program you’ll get to know deeper parts of your life, and shift on an energetic level.

The vehicle to your higher self...

What is your Ka Body?

What is a Ka body, you might ask:

Ever heard of a light body? Or the concept of the mer KA bah? Our Ka is the body of our soul. Currently, at this time on earth, the Ka body is the most important one for us to activate to support the shift into 5D.

Every person has one, however most people, unless they have consciously activated and worked with it, have a dormant one.


The Ka body is literally a vehicle for the higher self to descend into matter.


Ka energy itself is very high vibrational, when it is brought down and fills the Ka channel it is a massive vibrational shift.


The Ka is the light body that exists through 3D-6D and allows you to anchor in your soul and higher self across these dimensions into your realm.


It connects us like a portal to spirit, dimension and form that allows us to become fully ascended humans in our body.

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Isis Ka™Activation Program

In this program we support the activation of your Ka body by working with your Ka channels & Ka template using the Isis Ka Activation Method™.


The Isis Ka Activation Method™ supports the anchoring of your unique soul blueprint, to activate what has been dormant within you so that you can gain more clarity around who you are at a soul level and what you came here to do.


This series of activations is calling forward your unique soul blueprint to be anchored into your body so that you can gain more clarity around who you are and what you came here to do.

This is for you if…

  • You’ve been on the path of spirituality and you’re ready to shift into a new vibrational level

  • You’re wanting to activate dormant gifts and abilities

  • You can feel a calling to do your soul work 

  • You’re wanting to embody a deeper connection to your soul

  • You want a deeper connection to Goddess Isis

  • Ultimately, you're wanting to embody a fully soul aligned life


This is not for you if…

  • You don’t believe in energy work

  • You’re not interested in creating a soul aligned life

  • You’re not ready to take action on the intuitive nudges that come from the energetic work


At this time on earth, lightworkers are going through shifts that we haven’t had to go through for thousands of years, more starseeds and more lightworkers are being called to awaken on earth and once awakened they’re left with the questions: 

"Who am I and what am I here to do?"

"How can I align with my soul path?"
This is where the Ka vibrational work can support you.


  • 8 x Ka activation sessions using the Isis Ka Activation Method where we will work 1:1 to activate the 16 levels of your Ka body

  • 1 x Isis intensive sessions, containing Isis Ka Frequency Healing

  • 1 x recorded guided meditation

  • Support between sessions

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About Katherine

Several years ago, my life took a mystical turn as vivid dreams transported me to ancient Egypt, where I floated along the Nile and experienced my third eye awakening, unlocking past life visions and encountering symbols like the Eye of Ra and the sacred serpent.

I came to know that these dreams were Goddess Isis calling me forth. So I heeded the call and embarked on an 11 month priestess initiation where I activated my own Ka. Guided by the wisdom of Goddess Isis, I became a certified Isis Ka Practitioner, empowered to step onto my divine path and assist others on their journey back home to themselves.

Later that same year, I felt a powerful calling to journey to Egypt to anchor in the priestess codes. It's said that answering Egypt's call initiates a transformative journey, and in time I started to feel the momentum of change. I found myself attuning to Universal energies in ways I had never experienced before. I became deeply connected to the enchantment, the mystery, and the awe-inspiring beauty of life itself. I want that for you to.

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Kate, AU

"You were able to hold such a kind and open space for me to weave in and out of. I don't know how you did it but bringing me back to a place of calm, grounded and relief by the end of the session was amazing. Since the session I've become more aware of myself. I am asking myself deeper questions rather than just going down emotional spirals. I found myself being more spontaneous with my kids. And lately I've become courageous in just taking to create."

Nat, UK

"Thank you so much for yesterday, honestly mind blowing. I feel this real sense of weightlessness. God I have been telling everyone about you, I have a friend who might be interested and has suffered from a lot of trauma. I think she might be interested in the program."

Sally, AU

"The energy releases I had were so powerful, they've made such a difference, and then that had a knock on effect on my symptoms. before I met you, I was working maybe 1-2 times a week, and I was putting limitations on myself because I didn't think I was 'up to it' because I had MS. I met you, and then I was like 'f*ck yeah I'm able to work as much as I ever have', I feel totally able and confident in myself to work full time again.'"


My mission:

I’m here to help women thrive in life, love and leadership through guiding them back home to their authentic self. My work is in Feminine Embodiment, Self-Love and Sacred Union.
The activation of your Ka body helps deepen this work through connecting you with your Soul and aligning you with your highest path, one that is grounded in truth and love. 
I’m so excited to support you.

What are the 16 levels of the Ka body?

Just like you have meridians in your etheric body, you have Ka channels that connect to your Ka body, these are like the meridians of your soul. And just like meridians connect to various organs of the body, Ka channels connect to various parts of the soul.


As you activate each Ka level you move through certain areas of your life, for example: 


One of the Ka channels is level 1, Soul Identity.

The level 1 Ka activation is the level of self-discovery, you begin to uncover who you are and meet yourself. You begin to feel your essence - this is who I am, this is who I am being.


Level 1 is a deep ‘deblinding’, you have been wearing black and white glasses your whole life and now you take them off and see colour.

With level 1 you begin to see the truth of who you are and because of that you also begin to see truth in the decisions you have made and the life you are living,


This is where the first activation can be jarring because over the integration period, ones life can begin to change and truth is revealed.

Suddenly what felt comfortable, no longer feels comfortable.


The home that felt right may no longer feel right.


With level 1, the receiver now experiences and attunes to their soul and who they are, and therefore all that is out of attunement with that in their life will be heightened and this will cause temporary discomfort. It reveals what is not meant for you and shows you what is truly for you.


As part of this program you will be receiving 16 unique Ka activations, some of these levels include: 

  • Divine Self Love, learning how to love yourself as a divine and whole being

  • Soul Purpose, understanding what you came here to do

  • Divine Power, activating sexual energies and pathways

  • Divine Surrender, becoming aligned to your highest good, and releasing resistance to your soul path

  • Psychic Senses, activating higher psychic abilities

  • Soul Gifts, activating dormant soul gifts


As you can see, a focus of this program is activating, however it is normal during activation to experience healing. As a result, healing becomes a by-product of this activation work.

But why would I want an activated Ka body?

  • An activated Ka body allows us to have our soul and higher self anchored here, and we are embodying our soul and all that it relates to.

  • It supports us activating all that is soul aligned, such as soul gifts, linkages with our soul tribe, soul mates and anchoring the quantum higher realms here on earth.

  • The channels for the higher realms are anchored here though our Ka.

  • It allows for a deepened connection to your soul, soul identity and soul purpose.


The energy transmissions relate directly to activating and anchoring the soul fully in the receiver.

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The vehicle to your higher self...

About the Isis Ka Modality

This modality was channeled by Athina Bailey from Goddess Isis, as part of the teachings received in the Isis priestesshood.


At this time on earth light workers are needed to be the bridge between this realm and the higher dimensions, this modality supports lightworkers in activating their higher spiritual bodies to support this bridging.


The Isis Ka modality is helpful for activating psychic gifts, soul purpose, soul alignment, and soul gifts, healing can often be a by-product of this. The energy transmissions relate directly to activating and anchoring the soul fully in someone.


In the layers of the subtle bodies, different modalities focus on different layers of the subtle bodies, some primarily on emotional healing in the subtle body, some on belief work in the mental body, Isis Ka activations focus on the soul and deepening the connection to the soul.


This is work that was done in Isis priestesshoods in ancient Egypt and also amongst the Magdalene lineage, this work can be done on both men and women even though the teachings were passed down in sacred sisterhoods.

The results the receiver of an Isis Ka session can expect to experience include:
  • Remembrance of their soul and who they came here to be
  • Clarity on their soul purpose and soul mission work
  • Deepened soul alignment in their life and business
  • Attracting soul based relationships
  • Activating soul and psychic gifts
  • Deepening the psychic channel
  • Expanded energy, creativity open
  • Activated sexual energy and sexual pathways for spiritual and self work
  • Open and activated heart chakra
  • Shifting cells to resonate on a higher frequency, providing quantum shifts in their life

And more.

Brittany, US

"My sessions with Katherine were fantastic! This form of hypnosis allowed me to realize that the answers really are within me, and Katherine’s expertise helped guide me to them. I was able to make connections to uncover limiting beliefs, identify patterns, and examine the stories that are running in my subconscious. Super powerful - grateful for Katherine’s support!"

Lily, CA

"My biggest struggle was committing to going to bed before midnight. I always wanted to go to bed by 10:30. And I get very uneasy by bedtime. I'm a committed person by bedtime was my Achilles heel. After working with Katherine I have gone to bed by 10:30 every single night. I feel refreshed. I'm more present with my kids. It feels like I'm a different person and I love it. Thank you, Katherine!"

Lucie, AU

"I loved working with Katherine, she tailors the sessions to your needs to make your healing profound, answers all the questions and make you feel very comfortable. I have also experienced guided breathwork session with her which was incredible, deeply healing and transformational for me. I would highly recommend working with Katherine."

Isis Ka™Activation Program

  • 8 x Ka activation sessions using the Isis Ka™ Activation Method where we will work 1:1 to activate the 16 levels of your Ka body

  • 1 x Isis intensive sessions, containing Isis Ka Frequency Healing​

  • 1 x recorded guided meditations 

  • Support between sessions

Your investment: AUD $1111 + GST

Isis Ka Activation.jpeg


Do I need to know what my soul purpose is?

Not at all, this program is designed to create a connection with your soul.

What happens during the call?

The calls are held live via Zoom, you will be lying down and I will do distant energy work on you. During these sessions I am mostly quiet and you can take time for yourself and be fully present with the experience. Before the sessions we'll have a check in, a chat about what we will be focused on and at the end there will be a debrief.

Can I book a call with you?

Of course, click here to book a discovery call.

I have already received some activations in your other program, can I just pay for the ones I need?

Absolutely, contact me and we can discuss options.

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