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Meet Katherine Chivers

Feminine Embodiment ∞ Self-Love ∞ Sacred Union

For fifteen years, I battled with bulimia, all while believing I loved myself and my life. After all, I "had it all" - a devoted partner, best friends, a family that loved me, a vibrant social life and a successful career. Little did I know that beneath the surface, I was trapped in a cycle of self-hatred, marked by my frequent episodes of bingeing and purging.


When I was 37, and after another failed relationship, I reached a turning point. Seeking guidance, I found solace in a love coach named Lucy who helped me to look deep inside and discover what was really going on beneath my facade of success and happiness.


What I discovered shocked me - I had little self-worth, conditional self-love, and I was actually deep in self-loathing. I had been hiding behind a mask my entire adult life and completely oblivious to the self-sabotage and negative narratives I repeatedly told myself.


My work with Lucy was the beginning of my journey back to me, the more authentic me that was now deeper in self-love and self-worth, and free of bulimia. From there, my path unfolded into a journey of purpose, where I delved into studying Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki, Yoga, Breathwork and Trauma therapy, as I sought all the knowledge and tools I could get my hands on to help other women who battled eating disorders.

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"The time has come for the feminine to reclaim her power, honor her intuition, and lead with love."

It turns out though that this was just the beginning of my journey. As the years passed I found myself with other struggles - feelings of overwhelm, fear, pushing, and constant striving. I found myself in states of intense stress and tears, similar to the feelings I used to have before a binge and purge session. Only now I didn’t have that release valve.


I turned to embodiment and nervous system practices to help me through these moments, to enable these emotions to be processed and allow them to flow through me so they didn't stay stagnant and stuck within me.


But I knew something in my life had to change.

Not only was I clashing with my partner, but I was clashing with myself, my desires and my own inner longings. It was then that I started exploring feminine energy, and from there I realised why I felt so misaligned, like I was pushing against myself - because I had been living in my masculine energy my whole life.

My need to control everything came from my deep-seated fear that my entire life would one day come crashing down around me, and as a result, I was unable to trust - in myself, my partner, my path, and my decisions.

Like clockwork, the Priestess path began to call me - through the whispers of the Goddess in my dreams - and I finally understood it was time for me to make the long journey from my head to my heart, to open, to soften, and to surrender deeply to life - the magic, the mysteries, and everything in between.

As I connected with the Goddess, I journeyed into the ways of the Divine Feminine and the embodiment of my own feminine essence that had long been buried beneath my fears.


Understanding the essence and the importance of embodiment was also pivotal - I finally realized that enlightenment was not found "up there" in the ethereal, but within my own body. I found that the peace I had long sought as I gazed up at the stars - believing that "home" was somewhere else - was actually within me. And I understood that it is through my body that all of creation happens, within the dark caverns of my womb, and out through my heart.

Just as I was finally feeling like I had "figured it out", as is the way of the Priestess, I was met with another initiation, a potent and devastating death and rebirth portal. My relationship, the one I thought was "the one", came to a sudden and abrupt end.


It shook me to my core, but instead of turning away and distracting myself from the sadness as I may have done in the past, I leaned into it, I dove deep, and I allowed the grief to wash over me, to overcome me, to swallow me up and take me to the deepest depths of my soul. 


It was in this initiation that I truly learnt and embodied the way of the Divine Feminine, what I now like to call the 'Way of Water', this is where I truly surrendered (I had no choice but to), and this is where the magic of my life truly began.

My business changed, my relationships healed, my decision making improved, my fears dissolved and my trust in life and in myself resulted in a feeling of deep peace, harmony and joy.

I had finally found my way home.

And so that is my journey to work in Feminine Embodiment, Self-Love and Sacred Union. It is a journey of surrender, of empowerment, of remembrance. It is a journey to wholeness, that starts, and ends, with you. And as women, on our journey to wholeness, we may come to realise, that we are already whole.


I am now devoted to assisting women like you on your own path of returning home. My heart-centered and soul-guided approach, combined with coaching, hypnotherapy, breathwork and energy healing, allows me to create a safe, nurturing and powerful space for your healing and growth. Together, we will peel away everything that is not you, and re-ignite your sacred flame within.


I invite you to join me on this journey back home, and with this, a life filled with love, joy, and abundance.


With love and gratitude,

Katherine xx

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"As women, on our journey to wholeness, we may come to realise, that we are already whole."
“I would absolutely recommend working with Katherine. She is very knowledgeable, experienced and understanding. Her calm voice, guidance and professional but friendly approach is super welcoming, especially when dealing with uncomfortable emotions that may arise during the session. If you have some past trauma or distracting past memories that you are afraid to deal with, sessions with Katherine are safe and healing. She can assist you to work through your fears and make a positive change in your life. I have also experienced guided breathwork session with her which was incredible, deeply healing and transformational for me."

Lucie, AU

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