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Meet Katherine Chivers

Feminine Embodiment Coach & Self-Love Activator

For fifteen years, I battled with bulimia, all while believing I loved myself and my life. After all, I "had it all" - a caring boyfriend, good girlfriends, a family that loved me, a vibrant social life and a successful career. Little did I know that beneath the surface, I was trapped in a cycle of self-hatred, marked by my frequent bingeing and purging.


When I was 37, and after another failed relationship, I reached a turning point. Seeking guidance, I found solace in a love coach named Lucy who helped me to look deep inside and discover what was really going on beneath my facade of success and happiness.


What I discovered shocked me - I had little self-worth, conditional self-love, and I was actually deep in self-loathing. I had been hiding behind a mask my entire adult life and completely oblivious to the self-sabotage and negative narratives I repeatedly told myself.


My work with Lucy was the beginning of my journey back to me, the more authentic me that was now deeper in self-love and self-worth, and free of bulimia. From there, my path unfolded into a journey of purpose, where I delved into studying Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki, Yoga, Breathwork and Trauma therapy, as I sought all the knowledge and tools I could get my hands on to help other women who battled eating disorders.

"The time has come for the feminine to reclaim her power, honor her intuition, and lead with love."
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But it was when the priestess path called to me through the whispers of Goddess Isis in my dreams, that I discovered my true calling. In connecting with Goddess Isis, it became clear that my mission was to work with the Divine Feminine Council of Light, guiding women to stop self-sabotage and thrive in love, life, and business/career by reconnecting them with their divine feminine essence, grounded in deep self-love, and self-worth.


Through the wisdom of the goddess and my own transformative journey, I discovered that it is through deep self-love and embodying the divine feminine that women can reclaim their power and reshape their lives.


I am now devoted to assisting women like you on your own path of self-discovery and transformation. My heart-centered approach, combined with coaching, hypnotherapy, breathwork and energy healing, allows me to create a safe, nurturing and powerful space for your healing and growth. Together, we will peel away the layers of self-doubt and self-sabotage, and ignite the sacred flame within you.


I invite you to join me on this journey to cultivate deep self-love and self-worth, embrace your divine feminine essence and unlock your true potential. Together, let's create a life filled with love, joy, and abundance.


With love and gratitude,

Katherine xx

“I would absolutely recommend working with Katherine. She is very knowledgeable, experienced and understanding. Her calm voice, guidance and professional but friendly approach is super welcoming, especially when dealing with uncomfortable emotions that may arise during the session. If you have some past trauma or distracting past memories that you are afraid to deal with, sessions with Katherine are safe and healing. She can assist you to work through your fears and make a positive change in your life. I have also experienced guided breathwork session with her which was incredible, deeply healing and transformational for me."

Lucie, AU

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