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How You Can Work With Me

Below are the current programs that I'm offering. On occasion I offer tailored programs and one-off sessions if you would like to focus on specific needs outside of my programs. Please book a complimentary call with me to discuss if this is right for you.

Spilling Sand

Flow Into Love

1:1 | 12 weeks | From $1997 + GST

Flow Into Love is my signature 12 week private program designed for women seeking to stop self-sabotage and thrive in life, love and business/career. Through a transformative journey of heart healing and self-discovery, this program empowers women to embrace deep self-love, recognise their inherent worth and embody the divine feminine within as a means to living their lives in love, joy and abundance, with purpose, passion, ease and grace.


Each week, we flow deeper into love, incorporating practices such as heart healing, belief clearing, shadow work, inner child healing and divine feminine embodiment. By the end of the program, participants will have cultivated a stronger sense of self-love and self-worth, become more in touch with their authentic selves, and aligned with the divine feminine energy within, empowering them to lead fulfilling, balanced, and successful lives in harmony with their heart's desires.

White Plants

Isis Ka™Activation Program

1:1 | 16 weeks | $1111 + GST

The Isis Ka™ Activation Program is a transformative program designed to activate the dormant aspects within you, aligning you with your soul's purpose and embodying your highest self. Whether you seek to deepen your intuitive and psychic senses, become the highest version of yourself, or align with your soul's purpose, this 4-month journey will lead you through profound energetic shifts, unlocking your unique magic and helping you create a soul-aligned life.


The Isis Ka Activation Program offers you a next-level experience, supporting you in deepening your connection to spirit, releasing limitations, and stepping into soul alignment. No matter your current stage of success in life, this program empowers you to activate the unexplored aspects of your Ka body, paving the way for a more profound relationship with your soul and a life that reflects your true purpose. Embrace this transformative 4-month journey and unlock the power of your soul's essence to manifest the next level of your life.


Unlock Your Feminine Flow

1:1 | 2 hours | $300 + GST

Experience the power of Unlock Your Feminine Flow, a 2-hour breathwork and coaching session designed to clear energetic blocks and allow the free flow of chi within you. During this session, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the healing force of your breath. For 45 minutes, immerse yourself in the ancient practice of conscious breathing, releasing tension, and unlocking the untapped energy within. The deep and rhythmic breathwork helps cleanse your energetic system, promoting clarity, emotional release, and relaxation.


Following the breathwork, you'll receive personalized coaching, where we explore the insights and experiences that emerged during the session. Whether you seek healing, greater clarity, or a breakthrough in life, this one-off session offers a powerful gateway to transformative change. Take this opportunity to connect with your inner wisdom, unlock your feminine flow, and step into a renewed sense of vitality and purpose. 

"It was such a blessing to have had the opportunity to be treated by Katherine. Since our sessions, I can see a big difference in my health that appears to be improving every day. Before seeing Katherine, I really struggled to get through a day of study without feeling overwhelmed and despairing about fibromyalgia symptoms. Everything I had tried over a 5 year period just didn't work. I also got countless different theories from different doctors but no one could come up with a solution that worked. Honestly, by the time I saw Katherine, I had given up on being hopeful and just surrendered to the process, it might work but it probably wouldn't is what I thought. Katherine was incredibly professional, supportive and genuine and made me feel hopeful in spite of myself. With Katherine's caring guidance, I was able to tackle big issues in my life that I had not previously felt able to face and it was more than worth it. After the second session I felt lighter and my Fibro symptoms had markedly reduced. It has been a week since our last session and I am feeling lighter every day and the pain in my body has subsided in most places. For me, this treatment with Katherine was such a blessing and I would recommend this to anyone struggling with chronic pain and other chronic illnesses. Thank you Katherine, so grateful to you."

Harriet, AU

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